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Parameter passing
The service routines, which pass the parameters from the URL to Filemaker, run on a Windows 2003 
Server under ASP.Net. This may be the same Windows server which runs your Filemaker server, or a second PC. If your FileMaker Server runs on Mac OS/X, this combination is possible, too. You only need a valid ODBC connection to your Filemaker server. 

If your IT environment is Mac OS/X only, the processing of the parameter can be outsourced and can be run at our server. Ask us for details.

Import and export of Excel files in the Instant Web Publishing
The import and export of Excel files is also running under ASP.Net and can be placed on a second or same PC place where your Filemakerserver runs. Valid ODBC connection to your Filemaker Server is needed.
Import image files / media files
When importing pictures or media files, it is absolutely necessary that the service routines running ASP.Net are on the same PC as your Filemakerserver. A mixed environment of Windows Server 2003 and OS/X is here, unfortunately, not (yet?) possible.

Please call or email us. We will make you a good offer.